The second visit of the Romanian project team in Norway

The second visit of the Romanian project team in Norway,

At University of Nordland, Bodø

11 – 15 May, 2015


  • Monday, 11 May 2015Wednesday, 13 May  2015

These meetings were attended by five members of the Romania research team (Alexiu, Baciu Lazăr, Bîrneanu and Dincă) and by two members of the Norway team (Sandvin and Fylling). The meetings focused on tracking the progress of the research project, namely the presentation by the Romanian team the results of two studies conducted in the work package 3 of Activities on identifying obstacles and barriers experienced by disabled and Roma individuals in their efforts to access the labour market. Also, Professor Johans Sandvin and his colleague Ingrid Fylling offered to their Romanian colleague’s recommendations on drawing conclusions.

  • Thursday, 14 May 2015

The purpose of the meeting was to plan the implementation of the project activities for the next time. The research team from Romania joined and I. Zamfirescu, a PhD student who will participate in the implementation of activities in the work package 4. During the session, in addition to the theoretical aspects, discussions were held on the design research of the activities in WP4. It was elaborated a draft of research methodology for Activity 4.

  • Friday, 15 May 2015

At this meeting were set deadlines for each task undertaken, were established channels of communication between partners and division of tasks between the two teams.